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Green onions are one of the most important vegetable vegetables that are widely used in solving many problems related to the human body and health, as it is a stomach disinfectant, works to change mouth odor, combats cancerous tumors, fights bacteria, and helps pregnant women to benefit from the minerals and vitamins that they need during pregnancy.


Vegetables have many benefits, as they are an important source of vitamins and minerals, and one of these vegetables that must be eaten is the green onion plant.

Benefits of green onions:

  • Green onions have several benefits, the most important of which are,
  • It remains an important source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Green onions are characterized by their low calorie content, which greatly helps to feel full, which helps in losing excess weight.
  • Onions are an important source of reducing the risk of cancer.
  • Also, green onions have a super ability to make most tumors not grow.
  • Helps solve many diseases of the digestive system.,
  • Onions are of great importance in protecting the bones from osteoporosis, because they contain most of the minerals and proteins that the bones need to grow well.
  • Green onions are also an immune booster.
  • Green onions contain antioxidants that play an important role in protecting the body’s cells from damage.

Benefits of green onions for pregnant women:

  • A pregnant woman’s body needs folate, so green onions are important because they contain folate, which is an important vitamin source for DNA formation.
  • Green onions promote eye health.
  • Green onions prevent digestive diseases, help ease digestion and reduce constipation.

One of its most important benefits for women:

  • It reduces the ratio of the luteinizing hormone to the follicle stimulating hormone, which greatly contributed to the production of eggs.

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