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Yellow onions are one of the most widely used fruits. as they are included in many meals and are also used as an effective natural remedy that is in the place of an antibiotic. It works to expel bacteria and prevent heart disease and cancer. And it contains many healthy vitamins that protect the bones from Fragility.


Yellow onions are the most common in the Egyptian market, as they have many multiple uses in many dishes and meals in the Egyptian home.

With regard to meals, onions are the backbone for humans, as onions are indispensable in most of the Egyptian cuisine.

The benefits of yellow onions:

  • Stomach disinfectant.
  • Mouth disinfectant.
  • It works to resist and expel bacteria and germs attacking the body.

If the intention is to buy and store onions. then in that case the place is required to be cold and it is preferable for it to be dark. so that the onion can preserve its degree and quality.

Onions contain many important and beneficial nutrients for the body, such as …

  • Potassium element.
  • Riboflavin
  • Vitamin G.
  • Rich in dietary fiber.

Onions contribute to some natural remedies acquired from fruits, such as ..

  • Prevention of the risk of various cancers.
  • Works to strengthen immunity and protect against osteoporosis.
  • It keeps the digestive system working at its best.

Also, onions are good for health:

  • Contributes to regulating blood sugar.
  • Women are advised to eat it in case of menopause.
  • Helps prevent heart disease.
  • Helps maintain blood pressure.

Onions are used as an effective antibiotic. As recent international medical studies have proven that onions can become one of the most natural antibiotics that contribute to fighting colds, especially after the emergence of the Covid-19 virus, it has become more in demand.

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