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One of the global agricultural plants important for production, and it is one of the most important global crops in marketing and demand, and it contains dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins that the body needs, as it helps to facilitate the process of digestion and contribute to solving digestive problems, as it is an important element of weight loss and dieting.


The leek plant is an important plant for the body as it carries many important benefits for health.

Among the most important benefits of the leek plant:

  • The leek plant contains most of the important compounds, such as carotenoids, which are an important source for preserving eyesight and promoting eye health.
  • Eating leeks daily helps prevent anemia, due to its superior ability to increase hemoglobin production.
  • The leek plant contains folic acid, so eating it during pregnancy protects the fetus from developing any diseases in the nervous system.
  • It also contains most of the vitamins and vitamin D and contains iron, which is important for maintaining bone health.
  • It contains vitamin K, which is also important for maintaining bone health.
  • The leek plant is important because it eliminates toxins and helps to excrete them from the body properly, and the leek plant helps protect the skin and increase its freshness, giving it a radiance and a beautiful appearance.
  • The leek contains a large percentage of iron, so it is Han’s contributor to hair growth and strengthens hair follicles.
  • The leek plant also contains vitamin C, which is one of the most important antioxidants that play an important role in protecting the body from infections.
  • It helps regular bowel movement and facilitates digestion.

It helps to reduce weight and increases the sense of satiety because the balls plant contains soluble fibers and this helps to dissolve them in the digestive system, so the sense of satiety increases.

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