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Melon or cantaloupe, from the seasonal summer fruit, contains many minerals and vitamins that the body needs, and it is an effective substance in maintaining heart health, controlling blood pressure, working to lose weight, fighting bacteria, viruses, influenza, and resisting cancer and tumors.


Melon, or as it is known as cantaloupe as it is called yellow watermelon, is one of the sub-fruits of the watermelon family, the taste is sweet, and it is one of the delicious summer fruits.

Cantaloupe fruit is widely used..

  • Meal.
  • Eat in the countryside next to the Istanbuli cheese.
  • Use it as full-fat juice.
  • Drink it as a juice by adding a small amount of honey.
  • Jam is made from it.

Benefits of Melon:

Vitamin C..

  • Works to support and strengthen the immune system.
  • Works on the production of white blood cells.
  • Helps destroy dangerous bacteria and viruses.
  • It works to prevent influenza and cold diseases.
  • Contributes to maintaining eye health from injury.

Vitamin A..

  • Contributes to tissue growth
  • Helps reduce some types of cancer.
  • Works to fight cancer.
  • Effective and powerful anti-tumor substance.
  • Maintains skin health and gets rid of dead cells.
  • It works to protect the skin from toxins that lead to premature aging.

Vitamin G..

  • Works on the formation of blood vessels.
  • Contributes to wound healing.
  • Reduces the risk of cell damage.


  • Helps improve heart health.
  • Contributes to controlling blood pressure level.


  • Helps facilitate digestion.
  • Fight against bacterial activity in the stomach.
  • It works to reduce the incidence of constipation.

Melon contributes significantly to helping remove fat, work on slimming, and lose weight naturally.


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